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1st October
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Vegas, Baby!

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16th September
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After a long break, MWNN and Promee were back tonight to talk about what we’ve been up to since we last checked in. We’ve been SO busy with creating show content lately, that we haven’t had time to get on here and talk about it. We actually didn’t manage to get all recent stuff into tonight’s show.

We started off the show with Promee updating us on the movie he worked on for the 48 hour film project. Previously there had been a screening. Well, the nominations were in. His group had been nominated for seven categories including audience favorite and best film. Listen to the show to see how they did.

Additionally, MWNN somewhere along the lines, got a 3DS – one of those cool sounding new Nintendo hand-helds that are supposed to offer 3D without glasses. Do they really work or is there a reason Nintendo had to drop the price? Listen and find out.

There was of course, more to the show but you’ll have to listen to get to that. On a side note, we’d like to apologize for the “buzz” if you end up happening to hear any. Tonight, we did a sound check – we toggled all the switches and checked the cables and we stopped the show a few times when we heard the buzz come in but despite our best efforts, we did manage to catch that at least part of our show had some of it, anyway. Rest assured, we are trying to get that problem squashed for future show!


You know how we always say we’re going to link stuff in the notes and never do? Well, don’t say we don’t ever do anything for you:

Team Unicorn’s 48 Hour Film Project

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6th September
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Tonight we have a “vintage” episode of BOD. For those of you who think our show isn’t that good, just listen to our very first one and see how bad we USED to be! Actually, aside from audio quality, we’re pretty much the same. In this show, you can hear some of the original crew including a couple you haven’t heard from in a while.

Why are we dusting off this old one? Sentimentality? Longing for the old days?.. Maybe… Being too busy to do a live show over these past few weeks has had nothing to do with it, though… Absolutely nothing at all. Nope… 😉

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22nd August
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Tonight was pretty much the Promee show. He talked about his experience on the 48 hour film project (his team has since been nominated for 7 awards) and various other things. MWNN chimed in a few times but Promee didn’t give him a lot of room to talk this week.

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19th July
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After a couple of weeks off the core gang (yes that’s MWNN, Promee AND mOw) is back to talk about theme parks on the holidays, offer a public service about ticks and talk about general hijinks in Korea. Enjoy!

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4th July
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Another night of Man With No Name and Promee – we sat down and talked for a bit about such worldly talking as bowling, the Nintendo 3DS, MWNNs eyes of death and more. Give it a listen, won’t you?

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14th June
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Tonight it was Man With No Name and Promee. We settled in to talk about various things including the next Nintendo console, MWNN’s experience on the new Busch Gardens roller coaster and how Promee managed to knock himself unconscious. Enjoy…

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27th May
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After a brief hiatus, the show was back this week with MWNN and Promee. We talked about MWNN’s experience at Disney, his neighbor’s emergency room visit as well as gay stereotypes… There was more but you’ll have to listen to find out about that.

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9th May
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Tonight was a big night for the dorks… Over four years ago we sat down and began recording senseless ramblings that we then put online for you to hear. Tonight, with one of the dorks half way around the world, we are still going strong as we hit episode 200! We had all three of the dorks in attendance including mOw by internet link and in classic dork fashion the audio was bad.

Sit back, relax and let the sweet, sweet sounds of the dorks wash over you. Don’t think too much about the time you’ve wasted listening to us over the years. Just enjoy the moment because that’s what we’ve tried to do every time we’ve gotten together to do this silly thing. Thanks for the 200 and here’s to 200 more. 🙂

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30th April
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First, an apology – this show is a little bit shorter than our regular ones and it comes online almost a week late. Why? Well in tonight’s show, we decided to try something a little different. For the first time in our four year history, we took the show on the road. We were using different microphones hooked to a different computer running a different operating system and totally different software so we were a little out of our element. Promee was also a little lazy getting the show encoded since he had to try something new (poor baby, eh? ;). Well anyway, here is last weeks show, MWNN and Promee.

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