215 | Destination Nightmare Episode 10

Al shared an episode of his Destination Nightmare podcast. Enjoy.


Led Zeppelin.

Orson Welles’ Outtakes For Paul Masson Wine.

Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert.

Burt Sugarman’s The Midnight Special.

Yes, In The Round.


Cheap Trick.

Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Little Feat.

Kiss Alive!

Aerosmith: Live Bootleg.


Meatloaf: Bat Out Of Hell. Cover Art By Richard Corben.


Roger McGuinn With The Headlights.

Pete Townshend Who Am I?

Savage Henry: Powerchords 1  By Matt Howarth.

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Kiss’ Mego Figures.

Circus Magazine.

Rock And Roll Over. Cover By Michael Doret.

Destroyer. Cover By Ken Kelly.

Love Gun. Cover By Ken Kelly.

New York Dolls.

Rolling Stones’ Between The Buttons.

David Bowie Let’s Dance.

Kiss Gum Cards.

Kiss Gum Cards.

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