263 | Destination Nightmare 2.1

Another Destination Nightmare episode for your listening enjoyment.


Frazetta Art Museum.

Michael Kaluta.

Roy Krenkel.

Jeff Jones’ Spasm.

Strange Adventures 1 By Tom King, Mitch Gerads And Evan Shaner.


The Dark Side.

Alter Ego.

Vampirella Facsimile 1.

Star Wars.


Shogun Warriors.

In Search Of Moebius.

The Great Jonny Quest Documentary.

Todd Rundgren.

The Tick.

National Lampoon Documentary.

Red Baron Model Kit.

Mad Magazine 166.

Battle Beyond The Stars.


2 thoughts on “263 | Destination Nightmare 2.1

  1. Great show guys. I enjoyed your wide-ranging discussion from comics to movies, documentaries, music, and more. If I may, if you’re looking for a good music documentary, you might like Fugazi “Instrument” https://www.veoh.com/watch/v70548094tG9DzeWx .

    And if you need some laughs, check out these 1980s commercials edited to be funny and surreal. The whole channel is gold.

    Best wishes in these times!

    • Thanks for your comments . It was fun to do the show. I hope you and your family are OK. I really appreciate your words. I will check out the documentary,

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