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29th July
written by admin

We came together tonight and spoke for three hours but never hit “record”. There was a lot of debate and discussion about the show and we talked about our “feelings” a little too. In the end, Sunking came to terms with his clown-porn addiction and we all came away with a renewed sense of focus for the podcast.

The last few weeks have been some of the worst shows we’ve done and we want to promise everyone that we will do better.

We’ve received some listener feedback and we plan to act on it. We are investing in better equipment to help prevent the talking over each other that we’ve come to refer to as the “charm” of this show; we are committing to starting out with topics to make sure there is something at least quasi-interesting each week; we are going put more variety into our music breaks allowing for different kinds of music and we are going to completely revamp the site by getting rid of a lot of the things that suck and adding a lot more that hopefully won’t and finally, at long last our listeners won’t have to check for show updates each week to listen – more on that in the near future.

Thanks for checking in. We hope to be able to start anew with many of these changes next week!

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