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24th April
written by admin


So, the show didn’t roll over to iTunes last week even though we did one. Either you go to the site or one of the other podcast players for your BOD fix and it’s business as usual or you use iTunes and you get a bonus two show release this week. Either way, I think we can all agree you’re a winner…

Anyway, this week Sunking was in to regale us with tales of his new living arrangements and the current status of his one-time-future-wife, Promee ranted about speed humps and traffic circles and Mow talked about driving on the sidewalk… sober. Man-With-No-Name was tired so we really didn’t get his A-game but we won’t hold it against him – not publicly, anyway.

Well, that’s about it. Give a listen… Oh, and Mow says “Enjoy”

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