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29th August
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They said it wouldn’t last, that it was just a fling, that Mow would stroke out on-air during a rant long before now… but our love has stood the test of time. Yes dear listeners, this is the 100th episode. After orderbs, steak dinners and a BOD birthday cake (seriously) we settled in for the big one oh, oh.

Tonight we revisited some topics and some music from the past. We also talked about polotics a little. Speaking of which, for a good ironic laugh, click here to see a little Roseanne Bar insanity – regardless of your policital affiliation, you should be able to apreciate the madness as pure intertainment. Also, we talked about has-been bands, Super-mega-something-or-other putty, Mows hatred of all things billboard related and more. Enjoy.

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