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10th April
written by admin


Tonight me and Promee were runnin’ short as man-with-no-name came down with a bad case of I don’t wanna do the show. We visited the topic phone early and often and tackled such all time greats as, mOw hates fruit and sexting. We also revisited the Twitter and social media topic with some input from one of our listners… We had some names but she didn’t like them so till she gives us something better, we’ll call her “our friend in Alaska who is neither risque nor smuggling drugs across the border”. In all seriousness we appreciate the feedback. (hint, hint, hint) Also,we featured a new artist tonight!!!! Lets all give a warm BOD welcome to Shiraz Tilley, a new artist who hails from Australia and was kind enough to let us use her music on the show.

You can find samples of her demo music (and purchase it) from iTunes here and you can find out more about her, here. If you liked what you heard tonight, be sure to show her some support and leave a good review on the iTunes link. She’s just starting out so this kind of stuff really helps her. You DON’T have to buy the album to do that.

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