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24th April
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Tonight we had Houston, D-Balls or just plain Balls. Call him whatever you want but he was on the show tonight! The other big news about tonight was that it was topic phone MANIA. That’s about it… Also, we heard another song from Shiraz Tilly tonight. You can find samples of her demo music (and purchase it) from iTunes here and you can find out more about her, here. If you liked what you heard tonight, be sure to show her some support and leave a good review on the iTunes link. She’s just starting out so this kind of stuff really helps her. You DON’T have to buy the album to do that.

BTW, in case anyone is wondering why we didn’t have a show last week, it’s because Promee opened up a can of pure awesomness last week by introducing Mow and MWNN to Battlestar Galactica! As a result, we were all too spent to do a show. Now you know.

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