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4th March
written by mOw

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Slow Robot A Go-Go Show 157 – The Night Stalker AND The Doomsday Machine

Tonight Dr. Morbius (from parts unknown) and mOw ran through a few movies they each watched then jumped into vampires and the end of the world. The dad from A Christmas Story apparently was like an actor. He wore a fedora and caused trouble where ever he went. Did he kill the vampire then get framed for murder or did he become a vampire and frame his favorite picture? Then the world ended, which was fine with mOw but not fine with the billions of other people on the planet. But as they say back on earth… C’est la vie.  Listen, laugh and love won’t you? thank you.

Also you might wanna check out our NEW CREATURE FEATURE!!!! That’s right, we are now on the big screen… and by “big screen” i mean your computer.

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