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16th March
written by mOw

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Slow Robot A Go-Go Show 206 – From Hell It Came AND America 3000

Tonight Dr. Morbius (from parts unknown) and mOw talk about the movies they watched this week. First the Slow Robot team went back to a time when the south pacific was interesting and rampant racism ruled to roost. After that they fell ass first into a dystopian future ruled by ruthless girl gangs kinda like now. Will the Slow Robot team escape the horrors of a nuked out future or will they have a bad run in with a local witch doctor?  Tune in to find out…  laugh, learn and love won’t you? thank you.

Also you might wanna check out our NEW CREATURE FEATURE!!!! That’s right, we are now on the big screen… and by “big screen” i mean your computer.

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