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13th June
written by mOw


WOW… SHOW 225!!!! who the hell (including all of us) ever thought we could talk about nothing for 225 shows. Take THAT jerry seinfeld. Tonight it was mOw and Man With No Name riding shotgun. Talked about some random stuff… After this one i SHOULD be updating these shows as we do them so my memory will be slightly fresher. Look for exciting ACTUAL show descriptions coming to a BOD post in the near future. It has been a rough couple months!

THE PRIMARY!!!!!  ( )

and check out their DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!!!!!   Listeners can set their own price even if it is $0 you can download the tracks from the link above. But don’t be stingy tight asses… Give A Few Bucks and support an awesome band! You know they are awesome!

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7th June
written by mOw


Really don’t know what to say… these episodes have been up on itunes but not on our site for some time. Looks like my already failing memory has left this “description” leaving much to be desired. Well, just click the all mighty date and listen for yourself. i am SURE the show was hilarious!

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