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“If Steve Rude could draw my life, that would be awesome.”

Two Dimension
The Comic Book Podcast With No Direction, featuring….
Rook: The wild card! Don: The cosmic guru!
Dallas: The voice of reason!

Two Dimension
The mere mention of the name invokes fear and loathing in the hearts of the unjust.

This mighty team-up of epic proportions has literally been years in the making. Dallas and Rook have been best friends since the tender age of 7, and both got into comics at the same time. Don has been reading comics for even longer, has an encyclopedic-like memory, speaks with a limited vocabulary and repeats the same words over and over.

Join our heroes on their exploits through the comics world as they explore and review books of all shapes and sizes (literally, thanks to Chris Ware). Candid, non-conventional, non-professional discussions about old, new, mainstream and indy comics (and lots of gushing over EC Comics, Love And Rockets and Cerebus).

Dallas’ Comic The Mighty Blue.

Rook’s Six Year RPG Campaign Going On Seven.

Don’s Past Livejounral.

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  1. I have looked on the site here and I don’t see an address? Is there an address where I can send you guys some books? I enjoy the show and listen to it in my car on the way to work. It’s not for anyone else it’s just me time. I don’t listen to the show consistently, I usually wait a month or so then I binge listen 5 or 6 podcasts in one week. I have a 30min commute to work one way.
    Thanks for the podcast hopefully I can send y’all some books and request that you review some of them.

  2. I`m Sorry to inform Don that Jim Starlin no longer draws comics. According to a recent interview with John Suintress Jim stated that an accident involving a can of compressed air exploding in his hand has led to his using other artists to do the art for his projects. Also The In-Betweener has been around since 1975. He first appeared in a Warlock comic.

    • I’m sad to learn about Jim Starlin’s accident, but at least he is still writing stories.

      I need to read Warlock again, as I do not remember The In-Betweener.
      Thanks for the message Anthony.

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