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10th September
written by mOw


Today mOw and Dr. Morbius (from parts unknown) talked about movies and random stupidity that makes BOD the grand experiment that it is. We celebrate the impending NFL season kick off and all the shenanigans that comes with it.

Long time Friend of the Show ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN is needing fan help because they had problems on their last tour and need funds to get to their next tour and we are having a sale on our merch. Please help support the show that has supported us all these years!

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25th June
written by mOw


Tonight the gang was all here. We hammered the topic phone for a while and got through a ton of the old stuff that we of course COMPLETELY forgot. Enjoy.

THE PRIMARY!!!!!  ( )

and check out their DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!!!!!   Listeners can set their own price even if it is $0 you can download the tracks from the link above. But don’t be stingy tight asses… Give A Few Bucks and support an awesome band! You know they are awesome!

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