77 | Binding Comics, Flash Gordon Atlas Comics And More

The gang talk about comic book binding, Mark Waid and Mike Weiringo’s Fantastic Four, Archie and Atlas comics, Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples,
a great documentary called Jack Kirby: Storyteller, lootcrate.com (check it out – trust us), The Walking Dead, Jupiter Legacy by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely,
and the lasting effects of Alan Moore and Frank Miller.

We also discuss subscribing to monthly books and stack reading etiquette, late monthly books vs. trades, and hidden gems at the flea market.



 photo flashgordondell_zps013cfb0e.jpg
Flash Gordon Was Published By Dell As A Reprint Title.

While Binding Comic Books Were Discussed, Al Mentioned
The Many Publishing Attempts For Flash Gordon.

 photo flashgordonharvey3_zps49eb4691.jpg
Flash Gordon Reprints Were Published By Harvey
For A Short Time In The Early Fifties.

 photo flashgordonking4_zps29992280.jpg
New Flash Gordon Material By Al WilliamsonGil Kane, and Reed Crandall.
Published By King In The Late Sixties. Cover By Al Williamson.

 photo jackkirbyfantasticfour_zps0010ea4e.jpg
Fantastic Four By Jack Kirby And Stan Lee.
102 Issues Of Awesome.

 photo wieringofantasticfour_zps5b718a03.jpg
Fantastic Four By Mark WaidMike Wieringo And Karl Kesel.

 photo wieringofantasticfourking_zps32d7e503.png
Fantastic Four Meet The Creator.
By Mark WaidMike Wieringo And Karl Kesel.

 photo Vicki1_zps823e230c.jpg
Vicki From Atlas Comics With Work By Harry Lucey,
Samm Schwartz And Stan Goldberg.

And Everything You Wanted To Know About The
Short Lived Atlas Comics Can Be Found Here.

 photo Tippy_zps85e9b6ab.jpg
Tippy Teen By Samm Schwartz, From Which Vicky
Was Slightly Redrawn From (Due To Changes In Fashion).

 photo thesongwriters_006_zps878ed97c.jpg
Jughead From Archie Comics By Samm Schwartz.

 photo Destructor2_zps71c50300.jpg
The Destructor From Atlas Comics. Cover By Larry Lieber.

 photo tigerman_3_zps836b82b8.jpg
Tiger-Man Cover By Larry Lieber.

 photo Scorpion02-00FC_zpsf70a8a78.jpg
The Scorpion Cover By Ernie Colón.

 photo phoenix_2_zpsdd9e2a95.jpg
Phoenix By Sal Amendola And Dick Giordano.

 photo savagecombattales_1_zps9e7267f8.jpg
Savage Combat Tales By Archie Goodwin And Al McWilliams.

 photo WeirdTalesMacabre1_zpsf37ca10d.jpg
Weird Tales Of The Macabre Cover By Jeff Jones

 photo Saga2_zps77c49d16.jpg
 photo Saga1_zps6c4c4dba.jpg
Saga By Brian K. Vaughan And Fiona Staples.

 photo Velvet1_zps994c734e.jpg
Velvet By Ed Brubaker And Steve Epting.

 photo Velvet2_zps100cd65f.jpg
Velvet By Ed Brubaker And Steve Epting.

 photo jackkirbyxmenchicstone_zps9cdb4166.jpg
There Was No One Like Jack Kirby.

Here Is A Link To Jack Kirby: Storyteller.

 photo jackkirbyatlas_zps235f5917.jpg
Jack Kirby’s Atlas.

 photo jackkirbyblackpanther4_zpsc30d5bf1.jpg
The Black Panther By Jack Kirby.

 photo lootcrate_zps8410a16e.png

 photo Issue_121_cover_zpsa36f3333.jpg
The Walking Dead By Robert Kirkman And Charlie Adlard.

 photo Thor_God_of_Thunder_Vol_1_7_zps141bb425.jpg
Rook Is Still Hanging On To Thor: God Of Thunder
By Jason Aaron And Esad Ribic. But For How Much Longer?

 photo 77 Alan Moore_zpsrq3xpe0k.jpgAlan Moore HARDtalk Interview.

 photo photo1copy_zps3a9037f7.jpg
Frank Miller Documentary.

 photo the_walking_dead-s4e10-03_zps090df778.jpg
 photo the_walking_dead-s4e10-07_zps2b43317f.jpg
The Walking Dead On AMC.

 photo 10907307_zpsebd7091c.jpg
Rook Talks About Comic Book Sellers At The Oldsmar Flea Market

 photo mediarehabw_zps17552adc.png
Media Rehab

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