92 | Game of Thrones, Ray Harryhausen, Locke & Key, Glamourpuss and After the Cape

Join Dallas, Al and Rook for another exciting roundtable discussion. We talk Game of Thrones, Ray Harryhausen, The Walking Dead, Locke & Key, Glamourpuss, and After the Cape.

Rook unveils his big plans for the summer and we compare single issues to collected editions. We turn to Image comics and talk about creator rights along with a glimpse of the new Days of Future Past movie. We wax poetic about Calvin & Hobbes and the Trick or Treat Movies, and discuss our reading habits.



Game Of Thrones. Rook Loves A Story Where Everybody Dies.
And Here Is George R. R. Martin’s Letter To Fantastic Four.

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11 | Comic Conventions

THE YOUNG GUNS ARE BACK! Rook “Dropkick” Murphy joins Dallas, Al, and Emilio Estevez in an entertaining discussion about Comic Book Conventions: Highlights, Lowlights, the best deals, pet peeves and more! Then we dig into everything else including Rook’s experience at bike week, Dallas’ search for Promethea, mail-order comics, excessive smack-talk directed at Don, who’s missing this week, The obligatory New 52 conversation, and more ending with an explosive WHAT ARE YOU READING. Al’s pick of the week is SPACEHAWK by the timeless and inspiring Basil Wolverton. Dallas picks ALL STAR SUPERMAN by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, and Rook picks the comic adaptation of A GAME OF THRONES.



Megacon in Orlando, Florida