3 | Favorite Writers

Welcome back! This time around we continue our talk about favorite comic book writers. Rook waxes poetic about Jim Krueger, Don weaves a tale about the great Carl Barks and then of course goes off on a tangent about Alan Moore, and Dallas explains the Canadian writing genius of Dave Sim and his epic masterpiece, Cerebus. Oh, and the guys bag on Dallas for his unhealthy love of Chris Claremont. Enjoy and please, leave us a message on the blog!!!
One of Jim Krueger’s projects Rook spoke of.
Carl Barks, who is Don’s favorite writer/artist.
Gilbert Hernandez, the other writer/artist that Don loves.
Alan Moore took the top spot as Don’s favorite writer.
Grant Morrison got a spot on Dallas’ favorite writers list.
And so did Peter Bagge.
And the Alan Moore love fest continues, this time with Promethea.
When Chris Claremont comes up, it is usually when Dallas is speaking.
Dave Sim got the top vote as Dallas’ favorite writer.

And here is the Neil Gaiman
video Don spoke of.

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