5 | Archie Comics

We’re back!! It’s the Al and Don show as they take over the reins and discuss all things Archie, and also touch on the origin of their comic collecting, what the cool kids were reading, comic speculators, and The Incredible Hulk #181!!!! Enjoy and leave us a message on the blog!!



Archie first appeared in 1941, starting a lot of teen comics,
several Saturday morning animated series, and some hit songs.

Both Don and Al started looking at Archie comics because of this man… Dan Decarlo. Surprisingly, he had also done some really nice pin-ups during this time. Who knew?
Never knew who he was until now, but we always loved the work of Harry Lucey.
Samm Swartz worked on Archie as well as other teen comics
such as Tippy Teen and Dates With Debbi. Turns out that he
WAS the Jughead artist Don was trying to figure out.
There is only one Bob Montana, and he was the one who created Archie.
Neal Adams first professional comics work was Archie.
Gene Colan did some Archie stories in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

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