10 | Underrated Artists

After a short hiatus, Don and Al return. The topic of the day is underrated artists.



Jim Aparo’s work on Brave And The Bold.
No one worked a page like him.
Others may have drawn him, but no one did it like Jim Aparo.
Ross Andru on Spider-man.
An example of his Wonder Woman work.
And the Metal Men. Here is some information on what we feel is Ross Andru’s
greatest work, and Neal Adam’s contribution as well. Come to
find out, there was  a lot more of that than we were aware of.
An example of Nick Cardy’s cover work.
Nick Cardy’s stint on Aquaman.
More of Nick Cardy’s cover work.
Frank Thorne and his fantastic design work.
And even more.
And on WHAT ARE YOU READING Don read Dallas’ copy of
Ghost World: The Special Edition and says basically the same thing
Al said last episode. Now he has to see the Ghost World movie.
And Al went over Reed Crandall.

Reed Crandall.

And Al Williamson Archives Volume Two was discussed as well.

Al decided that Al Williamson was more than likely his favorite artist.

Al Williamson inked by Frank Frazetta.

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