53 | Marvel Comics: The Untold Story And Other Things

Dallas free and Rook free, Al and Don take the reins on this oversized episode and cover topics such as Slice Radio, tell-all books, illustrators of yesterday and say goodbye to some creators we loved.

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 photo marvelcomicsus_zps5fb5062c.jpg
Marvel Comics: The Untold Story By Sean Howe

 photo DellGiant25-030_zpsfeafe3c2.jpg
Tarzan By Jesse Marsh

 photo wildcatirwinhasen_zpsc083e04a.jpg
Credits For Wildcat Creators Irwin Hasen And Bill Finger
Very Rare For Creators To Be Named Before The Sixties

 photo groo79_zps7652dbe6.jpg
Sergio Aragonés Groo The Wanderer, Who Also
Created Countless Cartoons For Mad Magazine

 photo donmartin_zpsa2c6cf9d.jpg
Don Martin

 photo wyethrobinhood_zpsd90d4b6d.jpg
Robin Hood Illustrated By N. C. Wyeth Image Don Saw In The Encyclopedia

 photo wolvertonplop_zpsefc36cd5.jpg
Plop Cover By Basil Wolverton

 photo IllustrationUS39-L_zps8174b750.jpg
Illustration Magazine: Peter Hawley

 photo startrekbobpeak_zps8dac9c14.jpg
Bob Peak

 photo robertmcginjb_zps5fa5ebc6.jpg
Robert McGinnis

 photo stans_lee-_jack_kirby_1964_zps8b75b7b5.jpg
Stan Lee And Jack Kirby

 photo theflashinfantino_zpsf6cf68e2.jpg
The Flash By Gardner Fox And Carmine Infantino, Who Just Left Us

 photo sabrina_zps7fdbe1d9.jpg
Sabrina The Teenage Witch By Dan DeCarlo And George Gladir Who Left Us As Well

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