53 | Marvel Comics: The Untold Story And Other Things

Dallas free and Rook free, Al and Don take the reins on this oversized episode and cover topics such as Slice Radio, tell-all books, illustrators of yesterday and say goodbye to some creators we loved.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: hitomiThe Stranglers


Marvel Comics: The Untold Story By Sean Howe.

Tarzan By Jesse Marsh.

Credits For Wildcat Creators Irwin Hasen And Bill Finger
Very Rare For Creators To Be Named Before The Sixties.

Sergio Aragonés Groo The Wanderer, Who Also
Created Countless Cartoons For Mad Magazine.

Don Martin.

Robin Hood Illustrated By N. C. Wyeth Image Don Saw In The Encyclopedia.

Plop Cover By Basil Wolverton.

Illustration Magazine: Peter Hawley.

Bob Peak.

Robert McGinnis.

Stan Lee And Jack Kirby.

The Flash By Gardner Fox And Carmine Infantino, Who Just Left Us.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch By Dan DeCarlo And George Gladir Who Left Us As Well.

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