61 | Gilbert Hernandez’ Fatima And Other Topics

Al and Don start off discussing Fatima by Gilbert Hernandez, then go on to discuss his work outside of Love And Rockets. Rock albums and comics from 1972 were brought up, as well as artists who’s later work were not as strong. Plus Alex Toth’s How A TV Cartoon Is Created.

Musical Spotlight: Flamin’ Groovies


Fatima By Gilbert Hernandez.

The Origin Of Spin, The Drug That Caused All
The Trouble In Fatima By Gilbert Hernandez.

Death Tales By Jaime Hernandez.

Citizen Rex By Mario & Gilbert Hernandez.

Speak Of The Devil By Gilbert Hernandez.

Prince Violent By Harvey Kurtzman And Wally Wood.

Love is a Dandy By Steve SkeatesSteve Ditko And Wally Wood.

Spider-man By Stan Lee And Steve Ditko.

Doctor Strange By  Steve Ditko And Stan Lee.

The Hawk And The Dove By Steve Ditko And Steve Skeates.

The Creeper By Steve Ditko.

Blue Beetle And The Question By Steve Ditko.

Captain Atom And Blue Beetle By Joe Gill And Steve Ditko.

Stalker By Paul LevitzSteve Ditko And Wally Wood.

Daredevil 234 By Mark Gruenwald, Steve Ditko & Klaus Janson.

Later Work By Steve Ditko.

Al Jaffee’s Mad Fold-In.

Love And Rockets New Stories By Los Bros Hernandez.

Not Able To Name Any Great Records Of 1972, Don Was Asked About Comic Books.
Gold Key’s Hanna-Barbera Fun-In Was The Only Thing That Came To Mind.

DC 100 Page Super Spectacular.

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World.

Marvel Treasury Edition The Spectacular Spider-man.

Captain America Bicentennial Battles By Jack Kirby And Inked By Barry Smith.

Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles By Jack Kirby Not Inked By Barry Smith.

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  1. Jack Kirby’s artwork adnors a majority of my comic-book collection. I would love to read his autobiography (if he hasn’t written one already), especially about his golden years at Marvel and DC. He has been a truly pioneering comic-book artist. I am glad you mentioned the controversy about Stan Lee getting too much credit I’ve often felt the same way. Kirby never used to be in the picture, if you know what I mean. Then again, maybe he liked it that way.

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