65 | Remaking Movies And The Legion Of Superheroes

Dallas joins Al and Don to talk about anything but comic books. Remaking movies, brand management and the illusion of change. Later they get Don to talk about The Legion Of Superheroes, which Al was somewhat aware of, but Dallas was not.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Cold War KidsGuided By Voices


Even Though We Started The Show Talking About Total Recall,
Star Wars Conceptual Art By Ralph McQuarrie Goes On The Blog First.

Total Recall From 1990. No Need To Remake.
Although It Was.

The Thief Of Bagdad 1940.

The Thief Of Bagdad 1924.

Nintendo Started Out With Popeye, But Ended Up With Mario.

Villains Month At DC.

News About George Perez And His Work For BOOM! Studios.

George Perez’ Crimson Plague.

Unused Legion Of Superheroes Cover By Dave Cockrum.
Back Issue Magazine.

Jack Kirby’s Black Panther Had The Crude Energy.

Adventure #344 Has Matter Eater Lad From The Legion Of Superheroes
Edmond Hamilton, Curt Swan and George Klein.

When DC Wouldn’t Return The Original Art Of This
Two Page Spread, Dave Cockrum Left.

Superboy And The Legion Of Superheroes 202 Which Contained
Wrath Of The Devil Fish By Cary Bates And Dave Cockrum.

And The Issue Started With This Story. Dave Cockrum Pencils, Mike Grell Inks.

Tales Of The Legion Of Superheroes 318 By Paul LevitzTerry Shoemaker
And Karl Kesel. A Great Team That Didn’t Last Long.

Legionnaires By Tom & Mary Bierbaum, Chris Sprouse And Karl Story.

Legionnaires By Tom & Mary Bierbaum, Adam Hughes And Mark Farmer.

Superboy’s Legion By Mark Farmer And Alan Davis.

Don’t Tell Don, But Al Was Correct.
That Is Not Sparks’ Keyboardist In The Video.

Ex Machina By Brian K. Vaughan And Tony Harris.

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