64 | Golden Age Heroes And The Beauty Of Black And White

Starting off discussing the latest episode of Slow Robot A Go Go, Don and Al go on to discuss superheroes of the golden age, penciller/inker teams of American comics and the beauty of black and white.



The Shield From Pep Comics.

The Golden Age Black Hood.

The Fox.

During The Eighties We Got The Fox By Alex Toth.

The Fox By Mark Waid And Dean Haspiel.

Captain Marvel.

Mary Marvel.

The Shadow By Denny O’Neil And Michael Wm. Kaluta.

The Shadow By Howard Chaykin.

The Golden Age Flash.

Doctor Fate Came From The Golden Age.

The Golden Age Sandman.

John Byrne Pencils Under Terry Austin Inks.

Jack Kirby Pencils With Joe Sinnott Inks.

Gene Colan Pencils With Tom Palmer Inks.

Neal Adams Pencils With Dick Giordano Inks.

Neal Adams Pencils With Tom Palmer Inks.

Alan Davis Pencils With Paul Neary Inks.

Alan Davis Pencils With Mark Farmer Inks.

Frank Miller Pencils With Klaus Janson Inks.

Richie Hughes Of American Comics Group Listed Creators.

Herbie Was A Peculiar Comic Published By American Comics Group.

Promethea • JH Williams III Pencils With Mick Gray Inks.

Batman Black And White / Chip Kidd.

The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot By Frank Miller And Geof Darrow.

The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot By Frank Miller And Geof Darrow.

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