64 | Golden Age Heroes And The Beauty Of Black And White

Starting off discussing the latest episode of Slow Robot A Go Go, Don and Al go on to discuss superheroes of the golden age, penciller/inker teams of American comics and the beauty of black and white.



 photo thesheild_zpsf9e1c2e0.jpg
The Shield From Pep Comics

 photo theblackhood_zps590b5f25.jpg
The Golden Age Black Hood
 photo 364468764_35f4831db7_o_zpse1e0af87.jpg
The Fox

 photo Black-Hood-2-01_zps54e229b3.jpg
During The Eighties We Got The Fox By Alex Toth

 photo thefox2013_zpsaf9e8a4d.jpg
The Fox By Mark Waid And Dean Haspiel

 photo captainmarvel_zpsd091e830.jpg
Captain Marvel

 photo captainmarvelmarycopy_zps6f7edb20.jpg
Mary Marvel

 photo shadowkaluta_zps27c6b19f.jpg
The Shadow By Denny O’Neil And Michael Wm. Kaluta

 photo shadowchaykin_zpsf1589849.jpg
The Shadow By Howard Chaykin

 photo flash1943_zps40185941.jpg
The Golden Age Flash

 photo doctorfate_zps384fe302.jpg
Doctor Fate Came From The Golden Age

 photo sandmanhead_zps6428b79c.jpg photo adv-40_zps86d6c496.jpg
The Golden Age Sandman

 photo byrneaustin_zps75e08dba.jpg
John Byrne Pencils Under Terry Austin Inks

 photo TalesSuspense096_zps27f55243.jpg
Jack Kirby Pencils With Joe Sinnott Inks

 photo gene-colan_tom-palmer_angelica_tomb-of-dracula-mag-n4_april1980_p15_original_zpse27cca03.jpg
Gene Colan Pencils With Tom Palmer Inks

 photo GLGA2_zps958df422.jpg
Neal Adams Pencils With Dick Giordano Inks

 photo Avengers09611_zpsbc5be89e.jpg
Neal Adams Pencils With Tom Palmer Inks

 photo 350j7uh_zps901883f8.jpg
Alan Davis Pencils With Paul Neary Inks

 photo Excalibur_047_p05_zps7ad3953c.jpg
Alan Davis Pencils With Mark Farmer Inks

 photo millerjanson_zpscebc790f.jpg
Frank Miller Pencils With Klaus Janson Inks

 photo unknown_zpsb99c4a00.jpg
Richie Hughes Of American Comics Group Listed Creators

 photo herbie_zps1d190807.jpg
Herbie Was A Peculiar Comic Published By American Comics Group

 photo 4d7f7f5fa7693_zpsc2e94dd0.jpg
Promethea • JH Williams III Pencils With Mick Gray Inks

 photo batmanblackwhite_zps25b32141.jpg
Batman Black And White / Chip Kidd

 photo geofdarrow_zpszckpdrcl.png
The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot By Frank Miller And Geof Darrow

 photo geofdarrow2_zpsdbsd7us7.pngThe Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot By Frank Miller And Geof Darrow

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