73 | Dave Berg, Mad Magazine, The Usual Gang Of Idiots Plus Steve Ditko Strange And Stranger

Al and Don start off talking about Dave Berg, then continue with other Mad Magazine creators Antonio Prohias, Don Martin, Mort Drucker, Jack Davis (who did everything under the sun), Sergio Aragones, Wally Wood and Kelly Freas. Al brings up paperback book covers painted by comic book artists and ends the show with Steve Ditko Strange And Stranger By Blake Bell.



MAD’s The Lighter Side By Dave Berg.

MAD’s The Lighter Side By Dave Berg.

Meet Merton By Dave Berg.

COMBAT KELLY Page By Dave Berg.

Mad Fold In By Al Jaffee.

Spy Vs Spy By Antonio Prohías.

Spy Vs. Spy.

Mad’s Maddest Artist, Don Martin.

More Don Martin.

Mort Drucker.

Rawhide Kid By Jack Davis.

Rawhide Kid Interior Page By Jack Davis.

Frankenstein Poster By Jack Davis.

Mad Mad Mad Mad World Poster By Jack Davis.

Jack Davis’

Mad Look At Star Wars By Sergio Aragones.

Sergio Aragones’
Marginals From MAD.

Wally Wood’s Superduperman!

Superduperman! In Color.

Kelly Freas’ Back Cover For MAD.

Paperback Cover By Frank Frazetta.

Paperback Cover By Jeff Jones.

Paperback Cover By Howard Chaykin.

Paperback Cover By Dave Cockrum.

Paperback Cover By Michael Wm. Kaluta.

Paperback Cover By Gray Morrow.

The Ages Of Comics
Golden Age
• Silver Age • Bronze Age

Elliot S. Maggin’s First Issue Of Superman.

Mad Paperback Books.

Sergio Aragones’ Funnies.

Groo Conan Crossover Comic.

Steve Ditko Strange And Stranger By Blake Bell.

Big Monster Comic By Steve Ditko.

Mr. A  By Steve Ditko.

The Creeper By Steve Ditko.

Hawk And Dove By Steve Ditko.

Shade The Changing Man By Steve Ditko.

Steve Ditko Designs For Blue Beetle.

Captain Atom By Steve Ditko.
Captain Atom Redesign By Steve Ditko.

Captain Universe: The Hero Who Could Be You!

Steve Ditko’s Static.

Wally Wood’s underground Comic Witzend.
Cover By Vaughn Bode.

Blake Bell Interview
On Mister Media

Doctor Strange By Steve Ditko And Stan Lee.

Steve Ditko Story In Ink Washes.

Daddy And The Pie By Bill DuBay And Alex Toth.

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  1. Glad you liked THUNDER Agents. We worked hard on it. As you say, John Carbonaro was somenhitg of an obstacle to having more comix of THUNDER AGENTS. He lucked into finding the property, literally saving it from the trashbin when the original producers threw away all the material relating to it, and he, a janitor at the time, found it. He did give it a lot of care and thought, however, fought for it in court (and won) when others assuming it was in the public domain published it without checking that he now controlled the rights, and probably thought he was owed some of that back from future publishers. George Caragonne optioned the Thunder Agents when he ran into John who was then driving a cab. George had worked for many years at Marvel and left with the then head to go on to other comics. George tried to set up a deal with HARVEY but later, when we were subcontracting comix making for General Media which owned Omni and other brands, we used the material that had already been commissioned and finished by Paul and various inkers to fulfill our Omni committment. When the General Media people essentially stole our comics company and hired some of our former employees to briefly run the magazine (until our backlog was exhausted, then they pulled the plug) Thunder Agents was left in limbo. I don’t think any further Gulacy art survives. All of it that we had ran in the issues of OMNI as far as I know.

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