72 | Will Comic Book Movies Wear Thin? Are There Any Genius Artists Pushing The Medium?

“Will comic book movies wear thin? Do we have any genius artists working in the field today?” Al asks both of these questions, and the entire episode is spent discussing it.



Dallas Can’t Stop Watching Man Of Steel.

Miracleman Battles Kid Miracleman By Alan Moore And John Totleben.

 The Animated Justice League Unlimited
Superman Battles Darkseid
 Is Pretty Epic.

Best of Harry Lucey From IDW.

The Complete Peanuts From Fantagraphics.

Dragon Lady Press Reprints Of Buz Sawyer By Roy Crane.
Cover By Alex Toth.

Alec “The Years Have Pants” By Eddie Campbell.

Dallas Had His Entire 32 Issues Of Promethea Bound By These Fine People.

Comic Books Bound With Very Little Gutter Loss.

The Fox By Dean Haspiel And Mark Waid.

In The Early Eighties We Got The Fox By Alex Toth. There Were
Only Two Eight Page Stories, But Everyone Remembers Them.

The Shield The Face Of Hate By J.M. DeMatteis,
Mike Cavallaro And Terry Austin.

Alex Toth’s Genius Took It To A Level Nobody Expected.

Paul Pope’s Battling Boy.

Sandman By Neil Gaiman And JH Williams IIIWho
Has A Firm Grasp Of The Language Of Comic Books.

Chris Ware Innovative Design And Illustration.

Chris Ware Innovative Design And Illustration.

Chris Ware Touches On The Loneliness And Isolation
Of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks And Other Work.

Elektra Assassin By Frank Miller And Bill Sienkiewicz.

Dave McKean.

New Yorker Cover By Chris Ware.

New Yorker Cover By Art Spiegelman.

Daredevil By Mark Waid And Chris Samnee.

UPA Animation’s Unique Graphic Look
On Gerald McBoing Boing.

Wolverine By Paul Cornell And Alan Davis.

Hawkeye By Matt Fraction And David Aja.
The Issues Dealing With Kate Are Drawn By Annie Wu.

FF #14 By Matt Fraction, Lee Allred And Mike Allred.

Darwyn Cooke.

Interior Pages By Darwyn Cooke.

Gilbert Hernandez.

Jaime Hernandez.

Valerian: Ambassador Of The Shadows
By Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin.

Predates And Informs A Lot Of The Science Fiction In Comics And Movies.

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