81 | Megacon, Movie Rooms & Backmasked Record Albums

Starting out this episode, Al and Don talk about finding comic books and trades at Megacon, cosplay, and wondered if conventions still have movie rooms. After the music break they wonder why no one complains about satanic music and backmasked albums. The Paul is dead hoax is discussed along with conspiracy theories.

At the end they finally talk about comic books. The influences of Bill Sienkiewicz, the new Silver Surfer comic and Walt Simonson.



Megacon 2014.

Wintercon • Oklahoma City, 1976
Special Guests: George Evans And Spanky McFarland.

Al Thought The Florida Extravaganza Was Gone, But It’s Not.

San Diego Comic Con, The Big One.

Puffy Amiyumi Came All The Way From Japan To Perform
The Teen Titans Theme Song At The San Diego Comic Con.

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes.

The Fleischer Brothers’ Popeye Cartoons

Krazy Kat Silent Animation.

Some Information On The Star Trek Blooper Reel.

Space Ark By Ken Mitchroney.

Bubblegum Crisis.

No One Seems To Talk About Backmasked Albums Any Longer.
But We Still Listen To  Sound Recordings.

The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine Print By Tom Whalen.

Chris Farley Interviews Paul McCartney.

Paul Is Dead Hoax.

Conspiracy Theories.

The Golden Age Work Of Joe Simon And Jack Kirby On Sandman.

The Bronze Age Work Of Jack Kirby On His Fourth World Series.

Frank Frazetta Was An Amazing Artist,
And A Great Ball Player As Well.

Spawn Meets Cerebus By Dave Sim And Todd McFarlane.

Early Work Of  Bill Sienkiewicz Was Heavily Influenced By Neal Adams.

Later Work By Bill Sienkiewicz Was Not.

Ralph Stedman.

Bob Peak.

Silver Surfer By Dan Slott And Mike Allred.

Walt Simonson’s Star Slammers.

Alien By Archie Goodwin And Walt Simonson.

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