143 | Ex-Heroes, Marvel Novel Series, And The Comics Code Authority

Rook (yes, we were stunned too) joins Al and Don and starts it off with Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines, Leather Bound Book Editions, Marvel Novel Series, and other books based on or about comics. The effects of the Comics Code Authority and the reasons for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.



Ex-Heroes By Peter Clines.

Barnes And Noble Leather Bound Editions.

Barnes And Noble Leather Bound Editions.

Colossus: The Forbin Project.

Marvel Novel Series.
Captain America: Holocaust For Hire.

Daredevil Blind Justice By Kyle Christopher (Marty Pasko).

Marvel Pocket Books Collections.

The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier and Clay By Michael Chabon.

Michael Chabon Presents The Amazing Adventures Of The Escapist.

Savage Tales 6.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Comics Code Authority.

The Amazing Spider-Man 96.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow 85. Done First, But Came Later.

Men of Tomorrow By Gerard Jones.

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story By Sean Howe.

Jon Stewart’s Introduction From Green Lantern/Green Arrow 87.

Roddy Frey.

Roddy Frey.

Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues.

And Here Is The Random Characters Added To
Thrift Store Paintings That Was Mentioned.

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