170 | Super-Hero Movies, And Nothing But Super-Hero Movies

Dallas and Rook discuss their love of coffee while gushing over the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically Captain America: Civil War.

They also review Batman vs. Superman and Ant-Man, and Rook highlights his interest in DC’s WB shows along with Marvel’s Netflix Shows.



Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Darkseid And Steppenwolf By Jack Kirby.


Weird Al UHF.

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes From 1969.
Here Is The Peyton Reed TV Remake From 1995.

Hank Pym, The Original Ant-Man By Jack Kirby And Stan Lee.

Scott Lang Became Ant-Man In The Late Seventies
By David Michelinie, John Byrne And Bob Layton.

Jared Leto’s Joker.

Harley Quinn In Suicide Squad, Which Romanticized Their Abusive Relationship.

Captain America 2: Civil War.

The Black Panther From Captain America 2: Civil War.

Spider-Man In Captain America 2: Civil War.

Baron Zemo In Captain America 2: Civil War.

Baron Zemo From The Comic Books.

Black Panther Movie.

Captain Marvel Movie.

Guardians Of The Galaxy II.

Ghost Rider Will Be On Agents Of Shield.

Ben Affleck Posted Deathstroke Walking.

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