243 | Michael Kaluta And Joe Orlando

We talk about the Carson Of Venus reprints from American Mythology Productions and other work by Michael Kaluta. Random work Al has read and watched, plus Don gets a schooling on Joe Orlando.



Carson Of Venus By Len Wein And Michael Kaluta.

Tarzan From Dell.

Tarzan From Gold Key.

Tarzan From DC.

Korak: Son Of Tarzan.

Carson Of Venus By Len Wein And Michael Kaluta.

Tarzan Presents Weird Worlds.

Pellucidar By Len Wein And Alan Weiss.

At The Earth’s Core Cover By Frank Frazetta.

Carson Of Venus By Len Wein And Michael Kaluta.

Starstruck Later Work.

Starstruck Deluxe Edition.

Starstruck Graphic Novel.

Starstruck: The Expanded Edition.

Starstruck “Old Proldiers Never Die.”

Ad For The Shadow By Bernie Wrightson.

The Shadow Drawn By Michael Kaluta.

The Fabulous World Of Krypton.

Malibu High. A Truly Bizarre Movie
That Was An Influence On Quinton Tarantin.

Justice League 49.

The Atom 37.

The Amazing Spider-Man 306.

Comics Scene Magazine Featuring The Amazing Spider-Man 
Drawn By Todd McFarlane.

Roman Soldiers Ad By Russ Heath.

Sea Monkeys Ad By Joe Orlando.

Amazing World Of DC Comics 10.

The Inferior Five.

Judgement Day.

The Strange Prison.

Classics Illustrated: Caesar’s Conquests.

Classics Illustrated: Caesar’s Conquests.

i Robot.

Adam Link’s Mate.

The Inferior 5 Reprint.

The Wizard And Red Sonja.

Vaughn Bode Cartoon Concert.

Count Dante.

Monster Fan Club Ad.

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