55 | Top Five Comic Runs

From deep within our secret lair underneath the land mass known as Florida, the Two Dimension Crew plots world domination.

Join Don, Al (A.K.A. Dr. Morbius), and Dallas as they wax poetic about their top five favorite comic runs. You may be surprised at some of their choices! We won’t spoil the fun here, but listen in and get an education in comic book storytelling!



The Incal By Alejandro Jodorowsky And Moebius.

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54 | Free Comic Book Day, Marvel Comics: The Untold Story And Alan Davis

Don, Al and Dallas return with special guest Brent Haynes to discuss their shenanigans during Free Comic Book Day 2013! There were some great books available this year including Prince Valiant, Buck Rogers and The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, Brent and Dallas missed the whole thing. Brent discusses his love for the Punisher War Zone movie and Don continues his indifference to the Marvel films. Don and Al review Marvel Comics: The Untold Story and we touch upon the Marvel Method of Storytelling, along with the infamous Jim Shooter and his Secret Wars books from the 1980’s. And Don waxes poetic about his love for Alan Davis and Excalibur. Dallas silently nods in agreement.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Al’s fave indie band from the 90’s, Guided by Voices