55 | Top Five Comic Runs

From deep within our secret lair underneath the land mass known as Florida, the Two Dimension Crew plots world domination.

Join Don, Al (A.K.A. Dr. Morbius), and Dallas as they wax poetic about their top five favorite comic runs. You may be surprised at some of their choices! We won’t spoil the fun here, but listen in and get an education in comic book storytelling!


 photo incalp_zpsf21bfc7a.jpg
The Incal By Alejandro Jodorowsky And Moebius

 photo theman3_zps3dd440ad.jpg
The Man By Vaughn Bodé

 photo unclescrooge51p1_zps705c44c8.jpg
How Green Was My Lettuce By Carl Barks

 photo captainmarvel100_zpsb1058e26.jpg
Captain Marvel Battles The Plot Against The Universe
By Otto Binder And C. C. Beck

 photo heartbreaksoup_zpsaad4d358.jpg
Heartbreak Soup By Gilbert Hernandez

 photo wrightsonjen-1.jpg
Jenifer By Bruce Jones And Bernie Wrightson

 photo talesofsuspense74jk21_zps52a3d3e4.jpg
The Final Sleep By Stan LeeJack Kirby And George Tuska

 photo successstory_zps675cbfe5.jpg
The Success Story By Archie Goodwin And Al Williamson

 photo steveditkomra_zpsb01ef056.jpg
Mr. A By Steve Ditko (See Ayn Rand)

 photo aparospectre_zpsa1244360.jpg
The Spectre Created By Jerry Siegel And Bernard Baily
But Al’s Favorites Were By Michael Fleisher And Jim Aparo (With Joe Orlando)

 photo xmendp_zps83e1b69e.jpg
Uncanny X-Men: The Brood Saga By Chris ClaremontPaul Smith And Bob Wiacek

 photo bonedp_zps605a92ff.jpg
Bone: The Great Cow Race By Jeff Smith

 photo preacherdp_zps4bb5d319.jpg
Preacher: Proud Americans By Garth Ennis And Steve Dillon

 photo onebadratdp_zps1f101e04.jpg
The Tale of One Bad Rat By Bryan Talbot
And This Is Beatrix Potter

 photo cerebusjakadp_zpsa2500499.jpg
Cerebus: Jaka’s Story By Dave Sim And Gerhard

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