12 | What Are You Reading?

After 11 long episodes, the entire crew is finally united for the 12th. We’re kind of like the Justice League. This week, we’re all brought together to discuss Season 2 of Robert Kirkman and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Don and Dallas are absolute fans of the show, Rook is a huge fan of the comic, and Al hasn’t seen it yet. Good times and technical difficulties ensue. As zombie talk winds down, the boys ask WHAT ARE YOU READING, which ranges from the works of Richard Corben to Raymond Briggs. Enjoy, and leave a comment below the show notes!



Howard The Duck Newspaper Strip.
Movie Poster.
And The Movie.
Rook is reading ORCS Dallas mentioned Abraxes And The Earthman,
but no one is reading it at this time. We are reading these books though…
Al spoke about Richard Corben.
 Don talked about Kia Asamiya, and then went on
about the entire history of manga artists drawing Batman.
Page From Batman: Child Of Dreams.

Bat-Manga! The Secret History of Batman in Japan

by Jiro Kuwata for the weekly boys magazine Shonen King.

It even became an animated segment on Batman: Brave And The Bold
One Two

Dallas talked about Ethel & Ernest.
And Rook realized that he was reading
some comics. The Ultimates Volume 1.

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