21 | Comic Book Roots

In this DOUBLE SIZED SPECTACULAR, Don and Al take the wheel and talk about BEFORE WATCHMEN, then trail off very fast and talk about things they don’t really remember.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Our good friend Ron Ray and his band, THE JURY


Green Lantern By Alan Moore And Some Of His Thoughts On The Subject.
And You Can See His Maxwell The Magic Cat Here.
Was Another Swamp MonsterThe Original Muck Monster, The Heap!
Mike Ploog And Horror Comics Of The Seventies. And Here Is A Link To The Richard Thompson Show That Steve Robinson Opened For. Too Bad We Missed It.
And If You Would Like To See The Bicycle Scene
Don Talked About, Click Here.
Speed Racer And His Theme Song
In English And The Original Japanese.
And Even More Talk About Black And White Television.
You Can See Ed Brubaker And Alan Davis Captain America Work Here.
Al Mentioned That Alan Davis Is Always Inked By Mark Farmer.
Not To Be Confused With Mark Farner, Frontman Of Grand Funk Railroad!

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