22 | Megacon


Dallas, Al and Don travel to Orlando for Megacon.

DOWNLOAD Brought To You By The Old School Magic Of Analog Tape

One Of The Jeff Jones Collections Al Spoke Of
One Of The Many Fine Covers By Nick Cardy
The Elusive Promethea 32. Will Dallas Ever Find It?
The Fantastic Comic Book Tatoo, Based On The Songs Of Tori Amos,
Who Don (Big Surprise) Confused With Laurie Anderson,
And Al Thought Real Comic Book Tattoos Were Being Discussed.
The Inhumans By George Perez
But The Cover Was Drawn By Gil Kane.
Another Great Cover By Nick Cardy
Basil Wolverton’s Agony And Ecstasy
Although There Were Many Books Don Strong Armed Al To Buy,
Love And Rockets Esperanza Was The Only One He Gave In To.
The Amazing Storytelling Of Carl Barks

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