23 | Core Four

The entire crew returns with a special guest! Don and Al reminisce about the classic Fantastic Four, Rook explains the 90’s X-Men fad, and Dallas interrupts everyone.



Another Page By JH Williams III, Who Also Drew Promethea.
Dallas Alluded To The Kabbalah, Don Referred To
An Old Board Game, Which Al Said He Played It Once.

Then In Search Of Steve Ditko Was Mentioned.

 And Example Of Comic Book Tattoo By Paul Maybury.

Another Page By Salgood Sam.

Yet Another Page By Calum Alexander Watt.

 Followed By Craig A. Taillefer.
And One Last Page By Daniel Heard.

The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics By Alan Aldridge.

Rook Discusses The Ultimates 3.

 Jack Kirby Inked By George Bell (George Russos).
Jack Kirby Inked By Chic Stone.
Jack Kirby Inked By The Great Joe Sinnott!
Not Letting Anyone Get Overwhelmed, Rook Broke Out A Stack Of Comics And Went
Over The Confusing X-Men The Age Of Apocalypse Series. If You Are Interested In Reading Them On Your Own, But Don’t Have Rook To Walk You Through It, Here Is A Guide. In The Marvel Universe, The Summers Brothers Are Cyclops And Havok. In The Real World We Have The Smothers Brothers. This Is The High Evolutionary We Spoke Of.
Twenty Two Years Later, Don Begins To Understand The Appeal
Of Comic Book Trading Cards, While Rook Spoke Of The
Rare Hologram Cards That Were Popular In The Nineties.

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