49 | Cartoon Hosts Of Yesteryear

With nothing planned, Al and Don take the helm and start discussing the blogs Destination Nightmare, kids cartoon hosts of yesterday and the Digital Comics Museum. How the conversation went on to Felix The Cat, Harvey Comics and Dave Cockrum is beyond anyone’s reasoning. Then briefly talked about artist’s changing styles and some random fun comics.



Frankenstein By Dick Briefer.

Casper The Friendly Ghost Created By Seymour Reit And Joe Oriolo.

Felix The Cat By Otto Messmer.

Felix The Cat By Joe Oriolo.

Little Audrey Who Was A Little Lulu Knockoff.

Richie Rich The Poor Little Rich Boy Created By Warren Kremer.

Wendy The Good Little Witch Created By Steve Muffatti.

Hot Stuff Created By Warren Kremer.

Stumbo The Giant Created By Warren Kremer.

Harvey Comics Never Credited Their Creators, But Here Are A Few More…
Howard PostErnie ColónSid Couchey
And Managing Editor Sid Jacobson

Superboy And The Legion Of Super-Heroes
By Cary Bates And Dave Cockrum.

Uncanny X-Men By Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum And Dan Green.

Superboy And The Legion Of Super-Heroes
By Cary Bates, Dave Cockrum And Inked By Mike Grell.

The Warlord By Mike Grell.

Atlas/Seaboard’s The Destructor
By Archie Goodwin, Steve Ditko And Wally Wood.

Jeff Jones Illustration.

Shade The Changing Man
By Michael Fleisher And Steve Ditko.

Adventure Time With Fionna & Cake
By Natasha Allegri And Noelle Stevenson.

Popeye In Mars Attacks
By Martin Powell And Terry Beatty.

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