50 | EXPLICIT! | Comic Book Movies, Politics And Gender In Comics

It’s our double-sized 50th episode spectacular!! Don, Dallas, Al and Rook review their book recommendations and then are joined by special guests Courtney, Cameron, Matt and Craig to discuss comic book movies, politics and gender in comics, and of course the Walking Dead. We cap off the show with a roundtable 20 question segment.

MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: Dungeon Boss And Exilia


The Show Begins Within Normal Parameters, But Slips After The 37 Minute Mark.
Caution Is Advised After That.

Rook Gives His Review On Marvelman/Miracleman
By Alan MooreGary LeachAlan Davis,
Chuck Beckum
, Rick Veitch, John Ridgway, And John Totleben

Al Covers The Game Changer Saga Of The Swamp Thing
By Alan MooreSteve Bissette And John Totleben

The Spectre By Michael Fleisher And Jim Aparo
Was Also Great, But Didn’t Change The Game.

Continues On By Asking Rook Several Questions Concerning
Ghost Rider By Garth Ennis And Clayton Crain

And He Gives His Thoughts On Terminal City
By Dean Motter And Michael Lark

Don Discusses A Story From The Sandman Dream Country
By Neil Gaiman And Charles Vess

And This Story From The Sandman Dream Country
By Neil Gaiman And Colleen Doran

Don Talks About Mouse Guard Fall 1152 By David Petersen

Gnomes By Wil Huygen And Rien Poortvliet

Although The Nature Of The Beast By Sanchez Abuli And Jordi Bernet
Is Discussed, It Seems To Encompass Most Of The Cartoonists Of Spain

Even Though Don Tried To Get Him To Read It Years Ago, Dallas Was
Happy To Have Read Red Rocket 7 By Michael And Laura Allred

Couldn’t Read The Disc He Was Given, So He Read
Creepy Presents Bernie Wrightson Instead

And Finishes With His Review Of Warlock By Jim Starlin

Adventures Of Superman, Orson Scott Card Has Been
Hired To Write For It, And Now David Gerrold Wants To As Well.

The Idea Of Crossed Being Made Into A Movie

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