48 | Comic Book Suggestions

The core four returns with another episode full of book suggestions! Dallas, Al, Don and Rook pass around books to each other, book-club style. We won’t give the names of the books away here, but shenanigans ensue!!! More Walking Dead talk mysteriously creeps in, and the countdown to episode 50 continues!!!



The Walking Dead By Robert Kirkman And Tony Moore.

Both Dallas And Don Recommended To Rook
Miracleman By Alan Moore, Gary Leach And Alan Davis.

Dallas To Don
The Sandman Dream Country By Neil Gaiman And Illustrated
By Kelley JonesCharles VessColleen Doran And Malcolm Jones III.

Dallas To Al
Saga Of The Swamp Thing By Alan Moore, Steve Bissette And John Totleben.

Don To Dallas
Warlock By Jim Starlin.

Don To Al
Terminal City By Dean Motter And Michael Lark | Cover By Mark Chiarello.

Interior Page Of Terminal City By Dean Motter And Michael Lark.

Al To Dallas
Creepy Issues 1 Through 12.

Al To Don
Sarvane By Antonio Segura And Jordi Bernet.

Al To Rook
Criminal By Ed Brubaker And Sean Phillips.

Rook To Dallas
Red Rocket 7 By Michael And Laura Allred
(Although Paul Rivoche Helped With This Cover).

Rook To Don
Mouseguard Fall 1152 By David Petersen.

Rook To Al
Ghost Rider By Garth Ennis And Clayton Crain.

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