56 | Comic Book Editors

Amazing as it sounds, Dallas and Rook are absent, but somehow Al keeps Don from talking over the hour. The show starts off mentioning the Bill Wray episode of Sidebar: Four Color Conversations, then goes into comic book editors, which is a subject that they have thought very little about.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Deloris Telescope


Giant Size Avengers 1 By Roy Thomas, Rich Buckler And
Dan Adkins But Don, Proving That He Needs An Editor, Said
That It Was Written By Gerry Conway.

Giant Size Avengers 1
By Roy ThomasRich Buckler And Dan Adkins.

 Avengers 186 By David Michelinie, John Byrne And Dan Green.
The Plot Came From Mark Gruenwald And Steven Grant.
Edited By Roger Stern, Who Don Thought Was The Writer.

X-Men 125 By Chris Claremont, John Byrne And Terry Austin.
Edited By Roger Stern.

Comicology 2, Which Not Only Talks About The Atomics,
But The X-Men Creators (Including The Editors) As Well.

The Strangers By Chris Roberson, Scott Kowalchuk And Dan Jackson.

Al Begins Discussing The Great Diversity For Art Styles In Comics Today,
And How Everyone Tried To Draw Like Neal Adams In The Seventies.

Don Compared It To Most Guitar Players Trying To Sound Like Jimi Hendrix.
Drawn By Moebius.

Then Went On To Bands That Seem To Be Forgotten These Days, Like…
Robin TrowerMahogany Rush, April Wine, Triumph, Hot Tuna And…

Blue Cheer, Who Were Awesome!

Al Brought The Conversation Back To
Comic’s Diversity With Francesco Francavilla.

Creator, Artist, Writer, Letterer, Paul Grist. He Does It All.

Yanick Paquette.

Darwyn Cooke.

After Seeing His Work From The Early Sixties, Jack Kirby
Became The Template Most Creators Worked From.

Publishers Knew Bill Sienkiewicz Could Do This Kind Of Work.

So They Let Him Break The Rules And Draw Like This.

Picasso Experimented And Broke Rules In Many Different Art Forms.

ee cummings Did The Same Thing With Words.

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