58 | Count Dante And Other Comic Book Ads

Comic book ads were something we saw, but rarely ordered from. Never the less, they were discussed, along with a really nice site that has many examples from days gone by.



A Short Documentary About Count Dante.

As Kids, We All Wanted To Join The Monster Fan Club.

Charles Atlas, Who Advertised In Comics Until The Seventies Ended.

Get A Free Hitler Stamp.

The Back Of Warren Publications Contained A
Wide Selection Of Product From Captain Company.

Twelve Vampirellas Were Traded For One…

Amazing Fantasy 15, Where Spider-Man First Appeared.

Sea Monkeys. The ad that launched millions of brine shrimp though the postal service.

If You Ever Wondered What These Actually Looked Like…
Click Here

Emma Frost • Higher Learning • Mind GamesBloom

Like Many Other Things, Doctor Strange Was Great During 1984.

The Atomics By Mike And Laura Allred.

Daredevil By Mark Waid And Chris Samnee.

Archie By Harry Lucey.

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