57 | Marble Season, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen And Black And White Comics

Al and Don start off discussing Marble Season by Gilbert Hernandez which leads into black and white comics and a brief bit about coloring comics. They finish with some League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and and some more black and white goodness.



 photo marbleseason_zps1e797f61.jpg
Marble Season By Gilbert Hernandez

 photo marbleseason1_zps3eb7bd3f.jpg
Gilbert Hernandez’
 Work Outside Of Fantagraphics (All In Black And White)
Speak Of The Devil • Citizen Rex • Fatima

 photo loveandrockets18-26_zps59091b91.jpg
A Page By Jaime Hernandez In Love And Rockets

 photo pcraigrusselnmp2_zpsd9d3e1b0.jpg
Night Music By P. Craig Russell

 photo Nexus055_zpsc6e4ab37.jpg
Nexus First Three Issues By Mike Baron And Steve Rude

Some Popular Black And White Comic Magazines From The Seventies

 photo deadlyhandsofkungfu1_zps350d27eb.jpg
The Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu Cover By Neal Adams

 photo savagetales_zps472de1c6.jpg
Savage Tales Cover By Neal Adams

And A Few Others Not Show Here…
Savage Sword Of Conan
Creepy • ElfquestCerebus

 photo spirit16-20_zps2e41c7d3.jpg
Warren Publishing’s The Spirit By Will Eisner

 photo zot04_zps5b399a01.jpg
Zot By Scott McCloud In Color

 photo zot12_zpsabe50f53.jpg
Zot By Scott McCloud In Black & White

 photo MisterX2gilbert26_zpsce2b1e28.jpg
Rare Color Work By Gilbert Hernandez In Mister X (Colors By Klaus Schönefeld)

 photo MisterX2jaimie01_zpsa021f083.jpg
Rare Color Work By Jaime Hernandez In Mister X (Colors By Klaus Schönefeld)

Comics Coloring Hand
Separated To Digital

 photo TheBlackBeetle_NoWayOut_01_ad04_low copy_zpsw38h9xox.jpg photo TheBlackBeetle_NoWayOut_01_ad03_low copy_zpsjgfjdcmu.jpgThe Black Beetle By Francesco Francavilla
He Does It All

 photo jackstaffbw01_23_zps72d09006.jpg
Jack Staff By Paul Grist In Black And White

 photo jackstaffbwcolor14_zpsdbef99a8.jpg
Jack Staff By Paul Grist In Color

 photo nemoheartofice_zps0025704a.jpg
Nemo Heart Of Ice By Alan Moore And Kevin O’Neill

 photo nemoheartoficep1_zps70e38d4c.jpg
Nemo Heart Of Ice By Alan Moore And Kevin O’Neill

 photo reidfleming10_zpsc9be770a.jpg
Reid Fleming World’s Toughest Milkman By David Boswell

 photo witzend01_zps229828fb.jpg
Witzend By Wally Wood
And Here Is The Early Work Al Talked About • Dorthy Lamour (At Bottom Of The Post)

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