57 | Marble Season, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen And Black And White Comics

Al and Don start off discussing Marble Season by Gilbert Hernandez which leads into black and white comics and a brief bit about coloring comics. They finish with some League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and and some more black and white goodness.



Marble Season By Gilbert Hernandez.

Gilbert Hernandez’ Work Outside Of Fantagraphics (All In Black And White)
Speak Of The Devil • Citizen Rex • Fatima

A Page By Jaime Hernandez In Love And Rockets.

Night Music By P. Craig Russell.

Nexus First Three Issues By Mike Baron And Steve Rude.

Some Popular Black And White Comic Magazines From The Seventies…

The Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu Cover By Neal Adams.

Savage Tales Cover By Neal Adams.

And A Few Others Not Shown Here…
Savage Sword Of Conan
Creepy • ElfquestCerebus

Warren Publishing’s The Spirit By Will Eisner.

Zot By Scott McCloud In Color.

Zot By Scott McCloud In Black & White.

Rare Color Work By Gilbert Hernandez In Mister X (Colors By Klaus Schönefeld).

Rare Color Work By Jaime Hernandez In Mister X (Colors By Klaus Schönefeld).

Comics Coloring
Hand Separated To Digital

The Black Beetle By Francesco Francavilla.
He Does It All.

Jack Staff By Paul Grist In Black And White.

Jack Staff By Paul Grist In Color.

Nemo Heart Of Ice By Alan Moore And Kevin O’Neill.

Nemo Heart Of Ice By Alan Moore And Kevin O’Neill.

Reid Fleming World’s Toughest Milkman By David Boswell.

Witzend By Wally Wood
And Here Is The Early Work Al Talked About • Dorthy Lamour (At Bottom Of The Post).

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