63 | Daniel Torres, Elfquest And Comparisons Of Storytelling

An agitated Al deals with an incoherent Don to discuss Rocco Vargas by Daniel Torres and the seemingly forgotten Elfquest by Wendy and Richard Pini. Talk about the first 102 issues of Fantastic Four leads into a discussion of The Beatles and comparisons of storytelling in American to European comics.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: 801 Live • Shiina Ringo


Rocco Vargas By Daniel Torres.

Page From Rocco Vargas Saxxon By Daniel Torres.

Elfquest By Wendy And Richard Pini.

Rare Footage Of The Wizard And Red Sonja
Played By Frank Thorne And Wendy Pini.

Elfquest By Wendy And Richard Pini.

Pre-Elfquest Illustration Work For Galaxy Magazine By Wendy Pini.

Pre-Elfquest Illustration Work For Galaxy Magazine By Wendy Pini.

Even Though The Pini’s Already Had The Idea for Elfquest,
Wizards Showed Them That A Fantasy Story Could Be Done.

Fantastic Four 52 From Marvel Masterworks 6
By Jack Kirby, Stan Lee And Joe Sinnott.

The Beatles With The King Of Comics.

And Geoff Emerick’s Book
Is Here, There And Everywhere.

Cuba From Torpedo By European Cartoonist Jordi Bernet.

Thrill Kill By American Cartoonists Jim Stevenson And Neal Adams.

Curse Of The Vampire By American Cartoonists Archie Goodwin And Neal Adams.

The Shadow Of The Axe! By American Cartoonists Dave Sims And Russ Heath.

Page By European Cartoonist Esteban Maroto.

European Cartoonist Guido Crepax.

Work By Eric Stanton And Inked By Steve Ditko.

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