67 | Promethea By Alan Moore And J.H. Williams


Dallas and Don break into an in-depth discussion on one of their famous comic book runs, Promethea by Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III. (Rook is there too, but he’s nursing a hangover and falls asleep). Spoilers abound as we break apart the story, ideas, and characters that make up the 32 issue run.



Promethea. If She Did Not Exist, We Would Have To Invent Her.
By Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III, Mick Gray And Todd Klein.

Promethea Enters The Immateria. It Felt Like Little Nemo In Slumberland.

The Painted Doll Makes A Very Unnerving Figure.

The Story Of William Woolcott, The Only Man Who Became Promethea.
And At This Point, Don Mentioned This Book Which Covered This Same Subject.

Sophie Bang’s Education Through The Immateria.

Previous Prometheas Re Enter The Material World.

Previous Prometheas Re Enter The Material World.

Unexpectedly, Sophie Continues Her Education Under Jack Faust.

Promethea Discovers The Inheritors Of The Temple

Promethea’s Debt To Jack Faust.

The Five Swell Guys Observe Events No One Understands.

HOD, The Mercurial Realm Of Language, Magic And Intellect.

NETZACH, Unfolded As They Went Through.

The Fifth Sphere, GEBURAH, Which Means Strength.
It Also Means Judgement.

Moving To Sphere Four, Mercy.

CHESED, The Foundation To Many Religious Commandments.

Promethea’s Essence Revealed

Promethea’s Essence Revealed Further

One Perfect Moment. Always Like This. This Is God.

God Is Everything. Everything Is God. God Is All.

Barbara Finds Her Husband, And They Decide To Return To The Material World Together.

A Goddess Is Torn Between Friends.

Sophie Hides Out With A New Life.

Sophie Is Located, And The Avalanche Of Events Begin.

The Story Ends With Issue 31, But 32 Gives One Last Tour Through The Cosmos.

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