68 | Golden Age Artists Who Left Us Too Soon And Underground Comix Of North America

Don and Dr. Morbius from parts unknown (Al) host the official “inker” episode! They begin by talking about how B-Movies were made, and drool over the all-encompassing glory of Krispy Kreme donuts and the subtle, understated appeal of Krystal burgers.

Talking About The Slow Robot A Go Go Podcast Started Everything Off
Then Went Into A Discussion Of Intentions And Bad Work.

Golden Age artists like John Buscema, Gil Kane, Alex Toth, Mike Sikorsky and Joe Maneely were discussed,  and how some of them continued their careers into the 80’s and others’ careers were cut tragically short.

And then it’s inker time! The boys discuss the merits of full and partial pencil layouts and the integral job of the inker, and how many artists inked their own work. Don sneaks in Sergio Aragones’ Groo and Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo, two of his favorite books. They even mention Mick Gray and Terry Austin, two of Dallas’ favorite inkers, and then Al proposes a challenge to Don to ink his art!!!! Don recites the story of how Howard Chaykin helped J.H. Williams III get into the comics industry, and gushes over Chaykin’s Buck Rogers run.

Al gives Don his collection of Omaha the Cat Dancer and epic tales of underground comics ensues with discussions about The First Kingdom by Jack Katz, among others.  Al gives his thoughts on the progression of underground/counter-culture comics (like the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers) into indie comics (such as Star Reach), and Don explains why Fat Freddy’s Cat is better than Garfield.

Al reviews  Afterlife with Archie (Starring Sabrina the Teenage Witch!) and Guardians of the Galaxy #8.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Geneva Wollett • Alex Chilton


Mike Suchorsky, A Golden Age Cartoonist Who Left Us Too Soon.

Joe Manelli Might Have Changed Comic Books As We Know Them,
But Went Away Instead.

Both The Grand Comics Database
And Digital Comics Museum Are
Great Resources If You Want To Learn
About Golden Age Comic Books

During The Forties and Fifties, Many Of The Golden Age
Cartoonists Were Heavily Influenced By Milton Caniff.

Roy Crane Was Another Big Influence On Golden Age Cartoonists.

Early Alex Toth With A Heavy Milton Caniff Influence

Later Alex Toth Work With More Roy Crane Influence

John Buscema’s Golden Age Work

John Buscema Inked By Ernie Chan

John Buscema Inked By Himself

Sergio Aragones Drawing With Ink

Stan Sakai Draws With Ink As Well

Conan By Gil Kane With Neal Adams Inks

Don Said Promethea Was Early 90’s,
But Was Actually 1999-2004.

Buck Rogers By Howard Chaykin

Chakyn’s Early 70’s Work

Omaha The Cat Dancer By Reed Waller And Kate Worley

Zap Comics Cover By Robert Crumb,
Who Went Beyond The Pale Sometimes.

Vaughn Bode Brought Don Into The World Of Undergrounds

The First Kingdom By Jack Katz

The Collected Omaha

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers By Gilbert Shelton

Gilbert Shelton And Tony Bell’s Wonder Wart-Hog

Gilbert Shelton Live From France In The Comics Journal

Comix Book: Marvel’s Attempt At Underground Comics

Jay Lynch

Underground Comix Were
Originally Found In Head Shops

Fat Freddy’s Cat

Since Carl Barks And Howard The Duck Were
Popular, Quack Seemed Like A No Brainer.

Some Seemed To Tire Of Comic Book Fowl,
So They Gave Us No Ducks Later On.

Yummy Fur By Chester Brown

Underground Comix Began To Vanish
After The Friendly Frank’s Incident

Cherry Poptart By Larry Welz

Young Lust

Rand Holmes’ Harold Head

Jaxon’s Comanche Moon
Don Said It Was Chief Joseph, But It Is Really About Quanah Parker

Mr. Natural By Robert CrumbBinky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary By Justin Green

Mickey Rat By Robert Armstrong

Trina Robbins

Dori Seda

Some Of The Underground Comix Publishers Were…
Last Gasp • Print Mint • Rip Off Press

Aggressively Violent And Sexually Explicit
S. Clay Wilson Can Be Seen Here

Spain Rodriguez’ Trashman

Cartoon History Of The Universe By Larry Gonick

Afterlife With Archie By Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa And Francesco Francavilla.

Guardians Of The Galaxy By Brian Michael Bendis And Francesco Francavilla.

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