88 | Original Packaging, Our Fascination With Ruins And Over-Explained Storylines

It starts off with a brief history of Aurora Model Kits, goes into keeping things sealed in the original packaging, and mankind’s fascination with relics and ruins. Pin-ups, Fantastic Four, Chic Stone and the constantly changing line-ups of Yes. Then finish up with Hanna-Barbera theme songs, over-explained comics and Doctor Strange.



Aurora Model Kits History. Cover By James Bama.

Saving Things In Their Original Packaging Can Raise The
Price As A Collectible, But Where Is The Fun In That?
Usagi Yojimbo Action Figure From Antarctic Press.
Packaging Artwork By Stan Sakai.

Great American Pin-Up Book.
And Here Is A Gallery Of The Material.

And There Are Places Like Varga Photography
Doing A Modern Version Of The Classic Pin-Up.

Olivia De Berardinis Is A Modern Day Pin-Up Artist.

Chic Stone Inks Over Jack Kirby. Why Couldn’t Reed Richards
Work Things Out With The Mole Man Instead Of Butting Heads.

Joe Sinnott Inks Over Jack Kirby.

Yes: Close To The Edge With Original Drummer Bill Bruford.
Cover By Roger Dean.

Yes: Relayer With Drums By Alan White.
Cover By Roger Dean.

Yes: Drama, With Exiting Members Replaced By The Buggles.
Cover By Roger Dean.

Fantastic Four Opening Page With The Kirby Coffee Machine.
By Stan Lee, Jack Kirby And Chic Stone.

Submariner Just Weird, Bipolar And Flip Flopped All The Time.
No Wonder His People Kept Leaving Him.
By Stan Lee, Jack Kirby And Chic Stone.

1967 Fantastic Four Cartoon Model Sheet By Alex Toth.
Theme Song By Ted Nichols.

Jonny Quest Model Sheet By Alex Toth.
Theme Song By Hoyt Curtin.

Doctor Doom And His Massive Ego.
By Stan Lee, Jack Kirby And Chic Stone.

The Thing Became More Defined As The Years Went On,
As Shown In Marvel Two In One 50 By John Byrne And Joe Sinnott.

Doctor Strange By Steve Ditko And Stan Lee.

Doctor Strange With  His Short Lived Mask By Gene Colan.

Dr. Droom! By Stan Lee And Steve Ditko.

Steve Ditko Referencing The Spirit’s
Window Design For Doctor Strange.

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