89 | Comic And Fantasy Artists Of The 70’s, Dragon’s Dream And Steve Ditko

Jack Kirby’s epic run on Fantastic Four is mentioned, then quickly goes into comic and fantasy artists of the seventies, books from Dragon’s Dream, Steve Ditko, Days Of Future Past (the comic book) and IDW’s upcoming Star Trek: City On The Edge Of Forever.



Don Is Currently Reading His Way Through Kirby And Lee’s
Fantastic Four Run, But Didn’t Want To Talk About It At This Time.

Whatever Happened To Frank Brunner?

Toccata en Fugue By Bernie Wrightson.

Steve Fabian Started Out Doing Fanzines,
And Was Really Good At Stippling.

The Studio By Jeff Jones, Michael William Kaluta,
Barry Windsor-Smith, and Bernie Wrightson.

All Came From The Realm Of Hal Foster.

In A Sheltered Corner By Jeff Jones.

She’s Leaving Home By Michael William Kaluta.

The Ram And The Peacock By Barry Windsor-Smith.

Frankenstein By Bernie Wrightson.

Jeff Jones’ IDYL

Hypnosis Was His Main Competitor In The Seventies.

The Book Of Conquests By Jim Fitzpatrick.

The Silver Arm By Jim Fitzpatrick.

Roger Dean Magnetic Storm.

And Although It Wasn’t Mentioned, Dragon’s Dream Published
Three Really Nice Dan Dare Volumes By Frank Hampson.

The Fantastic Art Of Frank Frazetta From Ballantine Books.

Where The Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak.

Where The Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak.

The Amazing Spider-Man By Steve Ditko And Stan Lee.

The Amazing Spider-Man By Steve Ditko And Stan Lee.

Shade The Changing Man By Steve Ditko And Michael Fleisher.

Ghostly Haunts By Steve Ditko.

Captain Universe By Steve Ditko.

Daredevil By Mark GruenwaldSteve Ditko And Klaus Janson.

Doctor Strange By Steve Ditko And Stan Lee.

Tim Boo Ba By Stan Lee And Steve Ditko.

X-Men Days Of Future Past By Chris Claremont,
John Byrne And Terry Austin.

X-Men Days Of Future Past By Chris Claremont,
John Byrne And Terry Austin.

Harlan Ellison’s Star Trek: City On The Edge Of Forever.
Cover By Juan Ortiz.

Harlan Ellison’s Star Trek: City On The Edge Of Forever.
Screenplay Adapted By Scott Tipton And David Tipton.
Artwork By J.K. Woodward.

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