104 | Comic Strip Reprints, Comic Book Schools, Follow Creators Or Titles And Silver Surfer

Al and Don discuss old comic strips reprinted in the seventies and comic book schools, They bring up the question of creators or titles, buying properties only to alter it for the screen and Silver Surfer by Slott and Allred is also discussed.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: The Dukes Of Stratosphear


Menomonee Falls Gazette.

The Comic Book Ad For Menomonee Falls Gazette.

King Features Website.

The Spirit From Warren Publishing, With
Airbrushed Covers By Richard Corben.

The Joe Kubert School.

The John Buscema Art School.

Secret Wars Is Happening Again.

Secret Wars From 1984.

Bucky O’Hare By Larry Hama And Michael Golden.
Buy The Property, Then Alter It For The Screen (Neal Adams Interview).

Dazzler Appears In The X-Men By Chris Claremont,
John Byrne, Terry Austin And Tom Orzechowski.

Dazzler. If You Don’t Like It, Why Do You Buy It?

Marvel Contest Of Champions.

Marvel Try-Out Book.

Marvel Try-Out Book.

Purple Pictography By Vaughn Bode And Bernie Wrightson.

Silver Surfer 6 By Dan Slott And Mike Allred.

Ren & Stimpy: Masters of Time and Space! By Dan Slott And Mike Kazaleh.

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