105 | X-Men Comics And Nothing But X-Men Comics

Happy Halloween!!! Don and Dallas are joined by their friend Desmond to talk everything X-Men!



X-Men Drawn By Dave Cockrum.

X-Men Drawn By John Byrne And Terry Austin.

X-Men Drawn By Jim Lee.

X-Men By Whilce Portacio.

X-Men Drawn By Chris Bachalo.

More Chris Bachalo, Just For Dallas.

 Even More Chris Bachalo, This Time For Desmond.

X-Men Drawn By Marc Silvestri.

Wolverine As He First Appeared In The Incredible Hulk.

Wolverine Joins The X-Men.

Wolverine In His Own Series.

Wolverine Was A Bit Generic Until He Joined The X-Men.

“Beats Fighting In The All-Together.”

X-Men Arcade Game.

X-Men Arcade Game.

Another Arcade Game.

Another X-Men Video Game.


The X-Men Are Missing, And Hank McCoy Finds Them In A Sideshow.

Only To Learn That Magneto Was Behind It.

The Outcome Of Their Battle In Magneto’s Base Of Operations.

In Antarctica, It Seemed That Hank And Jean Were The Only Survivors…

…But The Rest Of The Team Escaped To The Savage Land.

The Petrified Man.

Petrified Man’s Plans for The Savage Land.

X-Men In Japan With Sun-Fire.

X-Men In Japan About To Meet Moses Magnum.

X-Men In Scotland About To Meet Proteus.

More Proteus.

Back In New York And Meeting The Hellfire Club.

Classic X-Men.



X-Force. Desmond Liked The Art, But Didn’t Think The Story Was So Good.

The Newest Reincarnation Of Uncanny X-Force 1.

Uncanny X-Force 2. The Best One As Far As Desmond Is Concerned.

Dead In The Australian Outback.

Storm Is A Teenager.



Nanny That Don Remembered.

Nanny That Turned Storm Into A Teenager.


X-23. Rook Does Not Like This Character.

Emma Frost Is The White Queen,
And It Is Her Fault Jean Gray Became Dark Phoenix.

Deadpool He Was A Mercinary, An Assasin, A Killer…

…But He Seems To Be A Lot Of Fun These Days.


Nightcrawler 4.

Gambit Was Created By Chris Claremont.

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