107 | Dead Media And Other Things You Can No Longer Get

Al, Don and Desmond rehash the comic book or trade question, reading and/or collectability, record stores, the many formats of Afterlife With Archie, cartoonists for girlie magazines and mail order record clubs that no longer exist.



Singe Issues Or Trades?

Marvel’s New Universe Has Never Been Reprinted.

Neither Has The Fly From The Short Lived Impact Comics.

Excalibur Premier Issue.

Record Stores.

Blue Cheer. Out Of Print In The Seventies,
On Compact Disc For Eight Bucks In The Nineties.

Afterlife with Archie Comic Book.

How It All Started.

Afterlife With Archie Magazine.

Jack Staff Trade.

Carol Lay’s Books Are Out Of Print, But Shouldn’t Be.

Little Sammy Sneeze.

Fantastic Four – Iron Man Big In Japan.

Pin-Up Art Of Dan DeCarlo.

Pin-Up Art Of Humorama.

Pin-Up Art Of Ben Wenzel.

Doug Sneyd.

Columbia House Mail Order Record Club.

BMG Mail Order Music Club.

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