120 | The Kirby Factor And House Styles

Al starts the discussion off with what he calls “The Kirby Factor,” and seeing things through different eyes as you get older. Don brings up comic book publisher’s house styles and artist’s comfort zones, and continues to talk about a few books he read and brings the show well past the one hour mark.



Neal Adams Was A High Water Mark.

Kurt Schaffenberger’s Work From The Late 70’s.

Kurt Schaffenberger’s Work From The Fifties.

Alex Toth, Who’s Work Don Didn’t Like At First.
But He Does Now.

Curt Swan Drew Superman For Many, Many Years.

Lois Lane Cover By Dick Giordano.

And Another Lois Lane Cover By Dick Giordano.

Lois Lane 118 By Werner Roth And Vince Colletta.

The X-Men By Werner Roth And Dick Ayers.

From The Golden Age, Lorna The Jungle Queen
Drawn By Werner Roth.

Tom Sutton Cover For Haunted.
Al Refers To Him As Mister Charlton.

Charlton Bullseye 1. It Took Some Prodding,
But Al Admitted To Doing Some Work In It.

Unpublished Doomsday +1 Story By John Byrne.
Which Showed Up In Charlton Bullseye.

Alex Toth Drawn The Question Story From Charlton Bullseye.

The Many Ghost Of Doctor Graves.

Ghostly Haunts.

Scarey Tales With Countess Bludd.

E-Man By NIcola Cuti And Joe Staton.

Torpedo By Alex Toth.

Torpedo By Jordi Bernet.

Iron Man Drawn By Don Heck.

The Magician And The Maiden Drawn By Larry Lieber.

Western Work By Larry Lieber.

Frank Frazetta Cover On Creepy 27.

Alex Toth.

Steve Ditko.

Tony Tallarico.

Footsteps Of Frankenstein By Reed Crandall.

Tom Sutton.

Angelo Torres.

Ernie Colon.

Mike Ploog Drawn Werewolf By Night Cover.

Frank Brunner”s Artwork For Dr. Strange.

Frank Brunner Cover For Alien Worlds.

Void Indigo By Steve Gerber And Val Mayrick.

Iron Man Drawn By George Tuska.

Daredevil Drawn By George Tuska.

Justice League Of America Drawn By Mike Sechosky.

The Incredible Hulk By Herb Trimpe.

Jack Sparling.

The Avengers By Sal Buscema.

Justice League Of America Drawn By Dick Dillin.

Popeye Classics 32 By Bud Sagendorf.

Flash Gordon 5, Finely Written By Jeff Parker.

Flash Gordon 5 Page Drawn By Sandy Jarrell And Richard Case.

Flash Gordon 5 Page Drawn By Evan Shaner.

Starlight By Mark Millar And Goran Parlov.

Starlight By Mark Millar And Goran Parlov.

Tigra The Were-Woman.

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