147 | Locke And Key

Dallas, Al, Rook, Don and Hashbrowns discuss Gabriel Rodriguez and Joe Hill’s staggeringly epic magnum opus in excruciating detail. We cover the characters, story, writing style, art, and everything in between. SPOILERS ENSUE, but we don’t give away the ending.

If you haven’t read this comic, you’ll want to after this episode. In other news, Rook presents Al with a gift live on air, and we announce Hashbrowns’ future plans.



Vault Of Horror Cover By Johnny Craig.

Vault Of Horror Lapel Pin.

Locke And Key By Joe Hill And Gabriel Rodriguez.

Horns By Joe Hill.

Locke And Key By Joe Hill And Gabriel Rodriguez.

The Keys Are Their Own Characters.

Bode Meets Rufus.

Squadron Strange.

The Head Key.

The Head Key.

You Can Suddenly See All Your Memories And Fears.

The Head Key In Use.

Bad Memory.

Removing Bad Memories Using The Head Key.

Bad Memories Taken Away Thanks To The Head Key.

Professor Xavier Is A Jerk! By Chris Claremont,
Paul Smith And Bob Wiacek.

Professor Xavier Is A Jerk! Homage By Joe Hill And Gabriel Rodriguez.

Shadow Key.

Key House.

Key Cards Burns Gives Foreshadowing.

Music Box Key.

Mending Cabinet.


Lovecraft, Massachusetts.

Giant Key.

Giant Key In Use.

Giant Key.

Bode In The Calvin And Hobbes Style Pages.

Skin Key.

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